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What is the NVQ Level 2 Trowel Course?

This NVQ Level 2 Trowel course will provide a solid skillset to workers in the construction industry. It’s particularly focussed on Trowel Occupations – without which the industry as we know it would cease to be. The NVQ is a widely-recognised and respected qualification, which can be used to demonstrate the competence and professionalism of the learner to would-be employers.

Construction workers on a path toward a Blue CSCS Card or a Skilled Worker Card make a good match for this NVQ Level 2 Trowel course. To be enrolled, you’ll need to be in full employment, and at least sixteen years old.

NVQ 2 Trowel Course Content

This NVQ follows the same structure as many others of this sort. You’ll find a core of mandatory modules, which provide essential skills common to a range of construction jobs. Then there are more specialised optional units, from which learners can gain additional credits. The mandatory units are:

  • Conforming to Productive Working Practices in the Workplace
  • Handling, Storing and Moving Resources in the Workplace
  • Setting Out Masonry Structures in the Workplace
  • Erecting Masonry Structures in the Workplace
  • Conforming to General Health, Safety and Welfare in the Workplace.

Optional Units

The optional units are:

  • Erecting Thin Joint Masonry Structures
  • Maintaining Tile Roofing and Slate
  • Producing Internal Solid Plastering Finishes
  • Installing Drainage
  • Erecting Masonry Cladding
  • Finishing and Placing Non-Specialist Concrete
  • Maintaining and Repairing Masonry Structures
  • Producing External Solid Render Finishes.