If you want to achieve a supervisory or management level position in the construction industry then you cannot afford to ignore health and safety training. Health and safety is critical in the modern construction industry and has helped to reduce risks in high hazard level environments.

Health and safety training is an essential tool of the trade when it comes to construction management. A NEBOSH Construction Certificate can help you make the working environment safer and manage potential risks for your workers and the general public.

Supervisors and managers will need the best health and safety training in order to provide safer working environments for employees and also provide assurances for employers that the laws and regulations are being complied with. This leading health and safety certificate is globally-recognised and provides quality, comprehensive training in this field.

NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety

NEBOSH offer a leading training certificate for health and safety in the construction industry. This a well-established and highly respected training certificate considered to be an asset to anyone working in this field. If you are looking to achieve a higher level position in the construction industry (such as a supervisor, site officer or manager) then this certificate can be a good way to obtain the health and safety training you will need.
Holders of the NEBOSH Construction Certificate will be gaining the academic requirements for various professional memberships including:

  • Associate Membership Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).
  • Technical Membership of IOSH.
  • Construction Safety Associate membership for Association for Project Safety (APS).

What Does the Certificate Cover?

The NEBOSH Construction Certificate will provide comprehensive training in the health and safety requirements for UK construction working. This includes assessing, identifying and controlling workplaces hazards and reducing potential risks to workers and the general public. The syllabus will cover aspect of health and safety including:

  • Current health and safety legislation in the UK
  • Management of health and safety in the workplace
  • Managing and controlling hazards in the construction industry
  • Risk assessments and practical application of health and safety measures

Getting Started

If you are thinking about investing in a NEBOSH Construction Certificate to boost your training then you do not have to have any previous experience in health and safety. However it would be beneficial if you already have experience working in the construction industry and a basic overview of the various practical aspects of this field.

This will give you a good overview of the unique nature of the industry and what potential hazards and risks you may have to look out for. Many people working in the construction industry at a trade level (such as a general builder, labourer, bricklayer etc) invest in health and safety training as a part of working up to the supervisory and management levels.

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