Keeping Current In Health and Safety

Conducting a health and safety audit or even an examination of your business is a smart move to make on a regular basis. This ensures that you will be up-to-date in all regions since they relate to current HSE guidelines. If you find that you happen to be with a lack of any area, then receive… Read more »

First Aid – You Could Be The One To Save A Life

Depending on the type of environment you have at your workplace, it may be imperative for all the employees to undergo first aid course training. These first aid courses can actually save lives. The more employees who have this training the better off your work place will be. There should be trained individuals who will be able to assist… Read more »

Five Day CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme

Do you work in the construction industry or dream of becoming a site manager at some point in your career? When this is the case, you should make use of the Site Management Safety Training Scheme. This site management safety training scheme will benefit you in a number of ways. When you take smsts courses, you will… Read more »

Health and Safety Training For You and Your Employees

Are you in need of health and safety training for yourself or your employees? When this is the case, you will find that there are a number of health and safety courses for you to choose from. Finding a way to fit them into your schedule for yourself or your employees may be the hard part. With a variety… Read more »

NEBOSH Construction Certificate – No Such Thing As Too Much Training

If you have a desire to actually make a difference in construction then the NEBOSH Construction Certificate is what you need to make every day decisions concerning health and safety in the construction industry. These training courses are the foundation you will need when it comes to safety management ramifications. This certificate is broken up into 3… Read more »

Create Consistent Levels of Safety On-Site Across Multiple Sites

Construction sites today are riddled with potential risks and hazards and require managing safely by professionally trained employees. The standard of site safety varies from one site to the next. How Do I Create Consistent Levels Of Safety Across Multiple Sites? If your organisation build, construct or maintain property or other on multiple sites and… Read more »

Using External Health and Safety Consultants – Am I Still Responsible For Safety?

Using A Health & Safety Consultant Health and safety consultants can be used in a variety of ways for example writing a safety policy and conducting risk assessment or annual reviews and audits. The size of your organisation in terms of its number of employees and element of risk can contribute toward the decision to… Read more »

Protect Yourself, Fellow Workers and Develop Your Career

Construction is considered to be one of the most dangerous industries to work in. There are countless accidents, injuries and even deaths which occur when the site’s health and safety is poorly managed and unmonitored. It is important to undertake adequate training such as the Site Management Safety Training Scheme, or SMSTS. By ignoring the… Read more »