Legal Action for Thomson after Passengers Suffer with Food Poisoning

Nine Passengers who spent Christmas on the Thomson Celebration Cruise Liner were struck down with food poisoning on Christmas Day. They were supposed to be enjoying a holiday of a lifetime, instead the individuals suffered with sickness, diarrhoea and fevers. The group have made claims that there was human excrement in the swimming pools, that… Read more »

Site Management Health and Safety Responsibilities

Managers have a huge amount of responsibility placed on their shoulders every minute of every day. Site management involves many different skills, one of which is health and safety. It is the responsibility of the manager to help to reduce the risks on site and manage all of the contractors and subcontractors to ensure that… Read more »

Death Caused By Fall from Height Highlights Health and Safety Needs in the Construction Industry

A worker was tragically killed while working on a fragile roof on a construction site in Penryn. Work was being carried out on an industrial building at the time of the accident. Paul Gibbons fell 8 metres through an asbestos cement roof to the floor. He was immediately taken to hospital where he later died… Read more »

Supermarket Chickens Under the Spot Light

In a recent study carried out the consumer watchdog, “Which?’ The study has highlighted a serious problem with supermarket chicken and highlighted the importance of food health and safety training. During their investigation the deadly bacteria Campylobacter was discovered in 18% of the 192 chickens that were tested. Campylobacter was responsible for 88 deaths three… Read more »

Focusing on Risk Assessments

The Health and Safety Executive consider one of the most effective ways to reduce accidents is by managing risk. You can do this by performing risk assessments and using them to determine safe processes and methods of work. If you do not have risk assessment training it is important to seek out the best course… Read more »

Man Helps at Accident Scene Days After Attending First Aid Course

A man who attended a St John Ambulance first aid course just last week found his skills were called on when he helped at the scene of an accident on Monday. Wayne Duggan was driving one of his two children to an after-school sports session when he chanced upon congestion outside Castle Rushen High School…. Read more »

Accident Highlights the Importance of Risk Assessments

A member of the public was injured while waiting for a bus near a construction site. The woman was seriously hurt when a piece of machinery which was being lifted on to the 5th floor of an office block fell onto her. She was left with many broken bones as well as cuts and swelling… Read more »

Dangerous Conditions in Factory Results in Prosecution

The Health and Safety Executive have taken a Suffolk company to court after they were discovered to be putting lives of their employees at risk. The factory, located on an industrial estate close to Bury St Edmunds was being used to grow mushrooms. The factory was based in a disused office block, and it was… Read more »

The Importance of the SSSTS Course & Risk Assessments

There are many hazards and risks that need to be managed on construction sites. With over 3000 serious injuries occurring during 2010-2011 and 50 deaths you need to be trying to do everything possible to keep those working and visiting your website safe. If you are a site manager, own your own construction company or… Read more »

The First Aid Kit Is Essential In Any Office!

Contrary to popular belief, work related injuries are not exclusively proprietary to production facilities where the workers operate bladed machines or manipulate hot or toxic substances. The typical office is in fact one of the locations where injuries frequently occur, whether they are related to mechanical factors or the transmission of infectious condition between the… Read more »