If you have successfully completed the SMSTS course, what should you do afterward? Here are a few steps you can take once you have successfully achieved this qualification:

Talk About What You Have Learned

If there were other managers from your facility who took the SMSTS course with you, you can talk to them about the information that you have just learned. Often when we are learning new things, talking about them out loud with others will really help us to remember them and understand them better. Also, your co-workers might have gleaned insights from the training that you could have missed, so your understanding will be deeper and more complete when you share these insights with each other.

Read Over Your Notes One More Time

Hopefully you will have been taking notes over the duration of the SMSTS course. Afterward, don’t get rid of these notes or stuff them into a drawer and forget about them. Read them over again so that the very important information you have learned will stick in your mind. You might even also want to highlight the most important parts of your notes, or even photocopy them and place them in a prominent area of your office so that you can read them easily.

Think About How You Can Apply the Knowledge to Your Workplace

Now that you have just acquired a vast amount of knowledge about health and safety i.e. – best practices and techniques for reducing the risk of injury or illness in the workplace, it is time to think about how this information applies to your specific work site. It is one thing to understand a theory and another thing to apply it in a practical way so that it actually keeps your workers safe.

The first step to this is to conduct a risk assessment. This means giving your workplace a thorough examination to check for possible hazards of any kind, whether this is a faulty piece of equipment, a leaky storage barrel, an overstocked shelf or a dangerous working procedure. Once you have spotted these hazards, you can find ways to fix the problem or change the process so that the risk is reduced.

These are just a few important steps that you can take after you finish your SMSTS course.

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