In this day and age it is vital to consider how well your business is performing from an environmental management point of view. This is important if you are dealing with waste removal or if you are simply looking at reducing the impact your firm has on the environment. There are many excellent training courses if you are looking to gain qualifications, one of which is the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management.

Taught In-Person or Online in the form of E-learning

The course is often taught in a class room setting, however the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management online course is now available and can be studied online at your own pace. This provides you with excellent training so you are able to ensure your organisation is working within environmental legislation. You will learn how to control the removal of waste so as not to cause pollution, understand the impact that your organisation has on the natural systems of the earth and also:
  1. How to create processes that allow you to assess, interpret and manage performance
  2. The relationships between the environment, economics and social sustainability
  3. How to initiate management controls

Find the Best Environmental Course for You

The course is held in many different locations in the UK, and you can find dates throughout the year. It is possible to sign up to the course yourself or for employers to elect certain employees to receive the training. In addition to the tutor led course you can also receive the training online. Online training gives you more freedom to complete the course work in your own time. You still have access to tutors who will help support your learning. The only difference is you can access the learning online at times that suit. This works well if you are working full time or if you are raising a family. After you have completed the training you will need to pass the three hour examination. The open book exam allows you to research your answers using the course book during the exam. Once you pass you will receive an IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management and become a member of the IEMA Associate too.

Other Environmental Training Courses Available

There are many courses to choose from ranging from introduction and foundation courses to managerial qualifications. Call 0808 1966 830 to discuss the environmental management training courses in greater detail or to book yourself a place on the most suitable dates for you.

Other Environmental Awareness & Management Training Courses