Introduction to Working at Heights E-learning

Working at heights brings with it a lot of dangers and falling from a height is the most common cause of a death on the job. Based on research by the HSE, it is the cause of death in almost three out of every 10 fatal accidents in working environments.

This means that it is crucial for employees to know how to manage their work tasks in order to reduce the risk of a fatal fall. It is important to conduct work correctly and follow the health and safety procedures so that falls can be prevented. This course includes all of the information necessary for employees to conduct their work safely when carrying out tasks at height.

Course Content

The Introduction to Working at Heights e-learning course includes the following:

  • Guidelines of how and when hard hats and bump caps should be worn.
  • The requirements of the Regulations for Working at Height that were released in 2005
  • Important legal requirements to know about head protection
  • How fall arrest and work restraint systems should be used
  • The hierarchy of control when working at height
  • Safety standards and procedures for safely working at height

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