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For many companies, it makes sense to have your own in-house DSE assessor. Having a competent, accredited assessor in your organisation will save you time and money, help you to comply with HSE regulations, and prevent ill health and absenteeism. Most often, this will form part of your HR Manager or Facilities Manager’s role. But what about training and accreditation?

What is the CIEHF DSE Workstation Assessor Course?

This CIEHF DSE Workstation Assessor course will help to keep you compliant with the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) DSE (Display Screen Equipment) regulations regardless of whether your staff are working from home, the office or both. It is designed to provide you with knowledge, practical skills and a holistic approach to DSE assessments to become an effective, confident and competent assessor.

Delivery Method

A fully interactive instructor-led course delivered live online via Zoom. A great choice for individual bookings or when you have one or two people to train.

Who Should attend the DSE Assessor Course?

  • Businesses who wish to have their own DSE health and safety expertise in-house.
  • Delegates who have no previous knowledge and experience in DSE workstation assessments.
  • DSE assessors who wish to consolidate and/or update their knowledge.
  • Those in roles including line managers, occupational health professionals, health and safety professionals, health practitioners, facilities managers, HR personnel.
  • Delegates who wish to gain a CIEHF CPD certificate.

Why You Should attend:

  • To keep your business compliant with the HSE DSE regulations.
  • To save time and money as you will have your own health and safety expertise in-house.
  • To decrease sickness absence, improve productivity by helping to prevent work-related injuries and improve overall health and well-being of the workforce.
  • Expert-led training. The DSE Assessor courses are led by highly skilled professionals dedicated to teaching you the skills needed to become a competent and effective DSE assessor.
  • To have an engaging and interactive practical learning experience, enabling you to carry out assessments confidently.

What’s Included in the CEIHF DSE Workstation Assessor Course?

The aim of this course is to provide you with the knowledge to become a confident and competent DSE assessor. This is a practical course, focusing on problem-solving scenarios, giving you all the skills you need to carry out effective DSE assessments.

Course Objectives

  • To become a competent and confident DSE assessor.
  • To understand the legal guidance and regulations relating to DSE assessments.
  • To be able to carry out a DSE assessment in accordance with the UK legislation.
  • To be able to assess individuals holistically.
  • To be able to demonstrate an understanding of consent and confidentiality issues.
  • To be able to carry out basic anthropometric measurements.
  • To be able to identify hazards and risks (physical, mental and environmental).
  • To be able to use the DSE assessment checklist confidently.
  • To be able to design an action plan to reduce risks and promote health.
  • To be able to use the DSE assessment checklist confidently.
  • To be able to make changes and recommendations that meet the needs of the assessed individual.

Course content

This is a highly interactive hands-on course. Delegates learn through case scenarios and practicing on each other. The course teaches the holistic approach to ergonomic assessment and improves communication skills.

  • HSE DSE regulations.
  • Reasons for assessment.
  • The assessor role/responsibilities.
  • Basic human anatomy/posture/musculoskeletal (MSK) system.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders/stress/depression/anxiety/eyesight.
  • Learn to identify/analyse hazards and risks.
  • Different types of DSE users.
  • Special needs/pregnancy.
  • Different types of office equipment and their correct use.
  • Environment (lighting, ventilation, cables, room temperature etc.).
  • Standing DSE assessment/sit-stand workstations.
  • Shared workstations.
  • Hot desking.
  • Home working. Setting up a workstation in a user’s home.
  • How to carry out remote virtual DSE workstation assessments.
  • When does a DSE review need to be done?
  • Record keeping. How to complete DSE assessment forms.
  • This course is not just theory. It includes simple exercises, group work, case scenarios and practical tests.
  • Attendees will learn by practicing on each other.


Attendees are assessed throughout the course by simple exercises, group work, practical tests and questions. At the end of the course attendees are expected to complete a short test. The course is designed to gain, improve and consolidate knowledge and confidence to enable the attendee to carry out DSE workstation assessments independently.


CIEHF CPD certificate on successful completion of the course.

What Else is Included?

  • 50-page course book including test materials.
  • Useful handouts.
  • Links to resources.
  • DSE assessment checklist.

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