NEBOSH Construction Certificate Online Course

This NEBOSH Construction Certificate online course is right for you if you are a manager, supervisor or worker within the construction or utilities industry, or if you are the manager of a building or a facility where you supervise contractors. It is also well suited to anyone who wishes to start a career in health and safety. This course is also available in a traditional classroom environment or in distance-learning format.

Since the training course is delivered online it is well suited to anyone who needs to be able to learn on a flexible schedule and adapt the course work to their own pace. Students will be able to access the course anytime from anywhere in the world and the program is designed with online interaction that makes it enjoyable to learn.

NEBOSH National Construction Certificate Online Course Overview

The NEBOSH Construction Certificate online course will be fully explained in the introduction and there will be a frequently asked questions section with further information. You will have access to a tutor support system which will allow you to send a message with any questions. The online course offered by NEBOSH includes the following:

  • Time Management Tools – Your studying time will be tracked and recorded which will help you to manage your time and achieve your goals. You will receive a study schedule with an interactive table and a plan for exam preparation.
  • Student Notes – You will be able to create notes and print them out, with formatting options.
  • Clear learning outcomes – The expectation of what you should learn from each section of the course is explained.
  • Resources for learning – The course includes valuable learning resources including videos, study materials, references and much more.
  • Study exercises – You’ll have written and multiple choice exercises that will help you to practice and test your knowledge and understanding of the material.
  • Identifying Hazards – There will be an interactive test that will verify your ability to identify hazards in an actual workplace situation.
  • Drag and Drop Exercises – The course includes interactive features that test your ability to sort items into their correct categories.
  • Risk Assessment – You will need to use the “5 Steps” approach to complete a risk assessment.
  • Workplace Test – Another feature of the course will ask you to review an image of an example workplace. You will need to identify the hazards and recommend suitable adjustments to improve the safety of the workplace.

Classroom and Distance Learning Study Options

We also offer the classroom and distance learning version of the course.


To learn more about this national construction safety course and the other health and safety courses we offer, please contact us today by calling 0808 1966 830.