Be Aware of Your Environmental Responsibilities

Environmental management training is required to ensure organisations are aware of other responsibilities to the environment. With targets to meet and risks to manage, training will ensure that your organisation stays on top of these issues. The benefits of this type of management are:

  • Saving money through energy management
  • Reducing the risks of pollution caused by waste from the business
  • Reducing the possibilities of being prosecuted for failing to manage environmental issues
  • Improved respect and trust built with the public
  • Ethical responsibilities met

Providing Advanced Environmental Management Training

If you have already sent a member of your workforce on the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management there is a next step to enhance the abilities of the chosen worker. Moving onto the NEBOSH Environmental Diploma is a great step to take as it builds on the course materials that were delivered in the IEMA course. The diploma provides training in:

  • Waste water management
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Quantities risk assessments for environmental issues
  • Managing and transporting hazardous substances
  • Noise monitoring and control to the BS 4142
  • Impact assessments and the planning laws
  • Technology such as air abatement

The course is assessed at the end of the training. The employees taking the course are required to sit a written exam that lasts for three hours. The other part of the assessment is to complete an audit report and each of the assessments will require the candidate to prove that they have understood the course materials from the NEBOSH diploma and the IEMA Associate Certificate.

Environmental Skills for Your Employees

Once the employees have the Diploma they will have a number of skills. They will be able to apply the risk assessment techniques to environmental issues. The employees will also be able to:

  • Understand and describe what the stages of waste water treatment is
  • Know that the options are for treating hazardous waste
  • Be aware of the impact noise has on the environment and what the legal requirements are for noise
  • Know the methods of environmental monitoring and analysing the data
  • Understand what the Environmental planning laws are
  • Understand the Environmental Impact Assessment and more

To book your employees on the NEBOSH Environmental Diploma contact our team by calling us on: 0808 1966 830.

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