The Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) and the CCNSG Safety Passport are both high quality health and safety training courses. There are quite a few similarities in these courses, but there are a lot of differences as well. What are the differences between these two courses? Let’s take a closer look at the details of these health and safety courses and examine their differences and similarities.

The CCNSG Safety Passport

The CCNSG Safety Passport is designed for anyone who is entering the engineering or construction industry, or anyone who is a sub-contractor. This qualification is also ideal for anyone who works within the maintenance and installation sectors. In fact, many firms will not employ any contractors unless they hold this safety passport – so it is ideal if you are looking to gain employment in the industry.

The Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS)

In comparison, the SSSTS is designed for anyone who works in a supervisory role – so it is suitable if you are considering looking for work as a supervisor in the future.

Similarities in Duration and Course Assessment

One of the similarities of the CCNSG Safety Passport and the SSSTS is that they are both two days long. Both of these courses can be taken at a training centre near you. The courses are offered at multiple locations all across the country. They are offered frequently throughout the year.

These two courses are also similar in their mode of assessment. They are both assessed on a multiple choice exam which is completed at the end of the course. The supervisor course will be graded on a multiple choice exam of 30 questions and the CCNSG course has a multiple choice exam at the end of each of the modules. Delegates taking the course must pass each of the exams with a minimum mark of 80% for each individual paper.

Another similarity is that for both courses, all course materials and work books are provided for the duration of the training. This makes the course price very economical and simplifies the process for the candidates.

What the Courses Cover

These two courses are similar in what they cover, but they also have a few differences. The CCNSG course will cover the outlining of safe working practices for access, exits and scaffolding, as well as describing the procedure for first aid and accidents. It also covers how to define practices and procedures when working with excavations and noise as well as understanding and defining regulations when working with heavy equipment and cranes.

When it comes to the supervisor course, the main element of this course if the importance of risk assessments. When you attend this training, you will learn how to put control measures into place so that you can communicate with the entire workforce in an effective way and ensure that the site remains a safe environment to work within. This course also includes information about what causes accidents, how to conduct risk assessments for the construction industry and the details of the legal system regarding health and safety.

These are just a few of the differences and similarities. If you are looking for a health and safety qualification, it is important to understand the details and requirements of each option, so that you can choose one that suits your needs the best.

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