What is a Site Manager?

Site managers are also known as construction managers, they are responsible for supervising construction sites and running construction projects.

What is the Role of a Site Manager?

Within the construction agency, site managers are responsible for ensuring the safe day to day running of a construction project. They are required to manage budgets, timelines and deal with any delays or problems that might arise during the project.

One of the most important responsibilities of a site manager on a construction worksite is to ensure that quality control, health and safety checks and other safety inspections are carried out correctly. This is a very important role because a simple mistake or small oversight when it comes to safety can cause a serious incident which can result in injury or even death for a worker. A faulty scaffolding or piece of machinery, a lack of safety harnesses, failing to check for hazards before entering a confined space can all result in tragically devastating consequences for the worker and their family.

This is why it is so important that site managers undergo the appropriate training. They need to be completely aware of all of the correct health and safety regulations so that they can make sure that these guidelines are followed in the workplace. The site manager has to set a good example and be a strong role model, as the attitude toward and adherence to safety will travel top-down throughout the team.

Why is the SMSTS So Important?

In light of the importance of construction safety training for site managers, it is quite clear why a course such as the SMSTS course is so important. In order to protect the health and safety of their employees, site managers need to have the right information and experience to know what to do. Without proper training, important techniques can easily be omitted or forgotten and confusion can arise. After taking this course, site managers will understand what they need to do to be safe and how exactly they need to do it.

When site managers apply the skills and experiences that they gain from this course, they will be able to vastly improve the safety of their working environment. They will learn about correct ways to set up the site, how to conduct risk assessments, method statements and other very important skills.

The CITB site management course is a five day course which is taken by over ten thousand people every year. It is a very important training course which is ideal for anyone within a role of authority in the construction industry or anyone who is considering become a site manager.

The site managers qualification is thought to be one of the best training programs available and it will provide you with a very thorough site safety training background which will help you to conform within all of the current legal guidelines.

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