As an organisation you have a duty to follow the environmental laws. You must ensure your actions and processes are not causing problems to the environment which requires strict management and careful consideration of working methods and activities. Environmental management training is the perfect way of ensuring your employees have the skills your organisation requires to stay within the laws, meet your own targets and help to educate all staff members about reducing their impact to the environment while at work, and at home.

Choosing the Right Course for Your Management Team

There are some excellent courses which will provide your employees with the skills you require them to have. An excellent course to choose is the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate. This is the course which is directly aimed towards supervisors and managers, as well as team leaders who may have a set level of responsibility towards running and managing environmental issues within your organisation. The NEBOSH course is an ideal choice as the contents have been built surrounding the current UK environmental laws as well as the international management systems.

No Formal Qualifications Required

You may send any of the appropriate staff on the Course as there is no need to have any other qualifications for environmental management to be awarded a place. You will need to ensure all of your chosen employees have the ability to write and read English proficiently as they will be required to produce reports. The syllabus includes many topics which will benefit your organisation such as taking the risk management approach and other practical issues. Impact assessments, the uses of efficient energy sources and the need to control pollution within your organisation are also focused upon. The need to planning on how to deal with any environmental emergencies is also taught to all students attending the course. Your employees will be tested on how well they have understood the syllabus in an exam paper at the end of the course. If they are successful they will be awarded with National Certificate in Environmental Management. You can find out more about this environmental management course, and others, by calling 0808 1966 830.

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