If you need to provide training to your employees with the construction or engineering industries the CCNSG Safety Passport is a great option available to you. It’s an excellent course that is suitable to people on many levels and supervisors can go on to study for the CCNSG Supervisors passport too. The course gives a lot of information over a one day period making it an easy way to achieve a qualification and the skills that can be used to reduce risks and save lives.

Construction is a difficult area to control the health and safety as there are an abundance of risks found each and every day. The jobs vary widely too so supervisors and managers need the support from all the workers on the site too, which means everyone has to have some level of training so they can contribute to the strong culture of health and safety within the firm. By being able to understand the part they play in the overall safety of the site means they are more likely to manage themselves in a way that will not increase the risks. They will be aware of how important it is to follow procedures, be aware of the policy and raise any concerns to the right people in order to stop the hazards from turning into accidents.

What Will Your Workers Learn by Attending the CCNSG Safety Passport?

If you decide to send your employees on the one day CCNSG they will learn the basics they need to work safely on site. The learning outcomes for the training include:

  • The safe working practices they need for scaffolding, access and exits, noise and manual handling
  • How to work within the regulation for working with heavy equipment and cranes
  • Fire precautions
  • The health and safety law
  • Permits to work
  • Accidents and first aid procedures
  • Using personal protective equipment
  • The theories of manual handling
  • Practices and procedures for excavations

At the end of each of the modules your workers need to complete a multiple choice paper. These papers contribute to passing the course. If your workers are successful they will be awarded with the CCNSG Safety Passport which is nationally accredited and recognised throughout the industries. Book your employees on the course by calling 0844 567 6750.