These Scheme Rules may be implemented by CITB as a result of extraordinary circumstances impacting the regular provision of training to the Construction industry. This measure is designed to maintain a level of training in the industry for existing site supervisors and managers, ensuring a continued understanding of legislative changes and their impact on the workplace.

Using Video Technology

It is permitted to deliver the Temporary Works Supervisor training courses remotely via video technology solution. The training will follow the same curriculum as the classroom course and deliver the same standard of training meeting all Scheme Rules. Minimum delegate numbers for the course will be reduced to two for the period the emergency training provision is in place. To manage remote training effectively, the maximum number of delegates allowed will be reduced to ten.



Each virtual Temporary Works Coordinator course listed on our website includes a location including town/city, county and postcode, however it is important to note that all virtual courses can be attended from anywhere and therefore please ignore the location information. Location data is currently a system requirement to publish virtual courses on our website. If these courses continue beyond the current COVID-19 lockdown our systems will be developed further.

Emergency Temporary Works Coordinator Training Provision

This Temporary Work Coordinator (TWC) course is a valuable addition to the Site Safety Plus suite of training courses. It is designed to provide candidates with an in-depth knowledge of the role of a temporary works co-ordinator. This course is for senior managers and any others who are involved with engaging with contractors.

Course Duration

2 Days

What Does the Course Content Include?

After taking this Temporary Works Coordinator course you will have gained knowledge and skills in:

  • Comprehending the necessity of and the duties of a TWC.
  • Knowing the roles of others and how they fit in.
  • Understanding the best practice code for building site temporary structures, BS5975.
  • Knowing the statutory aspects of temporary works.
  • Understanding method statements and risk assessments.
  • Knowing how to manage the temporary works process.

Important Notice

If you have the position of a Temporary Works Coordinator it is highly recommended that you have access to the BS 5975. This will also help you to revise for the Site Safety Plus end test.



  • Photographic I.D. is required for all delegates
  • Written parental consent is required for all delegates under 18 years of age
  • Failure to provide this on the first day of the course is likely to result in the delegate not being allowed to attend or complete the training.


Examination Rules

For a delegate to obtain CITB certification for the course they must pass the relevant examination. During the period the emergency training provision is in effect, an alternative exam method will be in place for any courses that are run remotely. Due to the nature of the examination questions and the open book element, it is compulsory to use an online examination tool. Classmarker or Microsoft Forms are the recommended solutions for online assessment. Classmarker and Microsoft Forms are approved for use by CITB, any other online examination solution must be referred to CITB for approval prior to use, or examinations will be invalid.

Identification will be checked prior to the examination commencing. During the examination, the trainer will invigilate a maximum of 5 delegates. Each delegate must show the invigilator that they are alone in the room and must be visible via the video at all times. The delegate must not use any reference material until the last 10 minutes of the exam, which is the open book session.

The examination paper is compulsory and it forms the basis of assessment as to whether or not a delegate has successfully achieved a satisfactory Level of understanding to be awarded the Temporary Works Supervisor certificate.


Some providers may not include workbooks within the advertised course fees. Please speak with an Envico representative prior to booking to confirm this by calling 0844 5766750.