There are many hazards and risks that need to be managed on construction sites. With over 3000 serious injuries occurring during 2010-2011 and 50 deaths you need to be trying to do everything possible to keep those working and visiting your website safe. If you are a site manager, own your own construction company or are in a supervisory role SSSTS courses can help you to run a site that complies with health and safety laws, reducing the dangers.

You Have a Legal Duty

In the Health and Safety at Work Act 1997 it states that you need to be doing everything possible to keep your workers safe. Employees rely on you to create safe methods of work, risk assessments and to have a competent person in charge overseeing the health and safety of the site. The CITB Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme qualification will provide you with the skills you need to follow the Health and Safety at Work Act and you will also be taught how to implement what you have learnt on your site.

The course covers a lot of different areas relating to the construction industry. One of these areas is learning the importance of risk assessments, how to create them and apply what has been addressed in the risk assessments to safe working methods. Risk assessments need to be produced before work has commenced. You need to examine all aspects of the job, identify the risks involved and decide if the precautions you have in place are enough to keep your employees safe and health.

Main Points to Cover with Your Risk Assessments

All risks cannot always be eliminated but you have to do everything that is considered to be reasonably practicable as stated in the Health and Safety at Work Act. The main points to cover in the risk assessment are:

  • Identifying dangers and hazards
  • Identifying who is in danger and how they may be hurt
  • Evaluate what you have discovered and work out precautionary measures
  • Make a record of your findings and put them into action
  • Review your risk assessment and update when new methods of work or equipment are introduced

The SSSTS course material will provide you with all the necessary skills to create useful risk assessments as well as other core elements. Call 0808 1966 830 to ensure you are up-to-date with health and safety laws and continue to manage your site effectively

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