There are a wide number of safety and health courses available now in the UK. These offer general training in health and safety regulations and also more specialised learning.  It is important that you understand just what courses your staff need to go on. This will ensure that you have the right skills in place in your working environment to reduce risk and protect staff and visitors to your premises.

Diversity of Safety and Health Courses

Health and Safety regulations are diverse and cover a vast range of different industries from the construction industry through to education. By necessity health and safety training has to be diverse as well. There are courses available for all kinds of workers and working situations. For example you can find training courses in areas such as manual handling, working at heights and operating plant machinery. These safety and health courses can help you train your staff with the skills they need to reduce risk and work safely in any environment.

Every business should have a health and safety assessment in place. This can be carried out in-house or by using specialist health and safety consultants. A part of this should be the assessment of what training and skills each member of staff needs to do their job. A proper training schedule should be in place to refresh skills and train new members of staff when necessary. Here are just some of the many safety and health courses available now for staff training.

1. Health and Safety Management

It is important to have someone in place in your organisation that has a comprehensive overview of health and safety. They will be able to manage this issue and ensure the company health and safety policy is implemented and maintained. There are a number of management training courses for different business needs including:

2. Plant Training

There are many risks associated with using vehicles used in the workplace. A significant number of injuries and fatalities in the workplace are attributed to accidents involving vehicles such as forklift trucks, cranes and diggers. This is why proper training in the planning, use and operation of plant vehicles is essential. There are a number of plant schemes available for training including:
  • NVQ Level 2 Plant & Machinery
  • CPCS Red Trained Operator Card
  • National Plant Operators Registration Scheme

3. Confined Space Training

Confined spaces present a number of risks and challenges to workers. This includes risks of entrapment, exposure to hazardous substances and lack of oxygen. A number of injuries and fatalities occur in confined spaces every year across a wide range of industries. Training is available to help workers reduce the risks of working in confined spaces including:

4. Working at Heights

Another high risk area in the workplace is working at heights. Falls from height are the main cause of workplace deaths in the UK and so reducing the risks for workers should be a priority to any business. Working at heights can occur across a number of industries including construction, telecommunications and utilities. Training courses for workers can include:
  • Working at heights awareness
  • Scaffold inspection
  • Scaffold working
  • Safe use of ladders
  • Safety harness training
  • Mobile tower training
Make sure all employees have the right training in place to reduce risks in the workplace.  Take advantage of the many safety and health courses that are available to book online for your business needs.