Any site supervisor or manager who works on a construction site has the moral and legal responsibility to monitor the safety of their work force. You are responsible for ensuring that all jobs are correctly planned and monitored and that you do everything possible to ensure that no one is hurt on the job. The health and safety of the site lies with you and your job is to be a role model who promotes safe working practices and demonstrates leadership.

In order to have the skills and knowledge to carry out this responsibility, managers and supervisors should take the SSSTS course. The Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme is now required for all major contractor groups for supervisors who will be employed on worksites. This CITB accredited training program is improves work skills and gives site supervisors the skills that they need to ensure proper health and safety in the workplace. This training course is also ideal if you are striving towards taking on a supervisory role within the construction industry.

With the skills learned in this course, you can improve your working environment and reduce the amount of injuries and accidents which take place on the job.

Risk Assessments within the Construction Industry

One of the most important topics which will be covered by this two day SSSTS training course is the importance of risk assessments on construction site.

There are a number of risks and hazards which are involved in the construction industry. Workers can be working at height, which brings with it the risk of falls as well as items or tools being dropped on workers below. Construction workers also are required to use power tools and other heavy machinery, which can be a health and safety risk as well when improperly used or maintained. There can also be risks involved when workers do not follow safe practices when lifting or carrying heavy objects. Of course, there are also risks involved when handling hazardous materials on the job such as chemicals or asbestos insulation.

With so many potential dangers in the construction industry, it is incredibly important for site supervisors to take responsibility for health and safety.

This two day SSSTS training course will teach participants how to carry out risk assessments in the construction workplace and to implement measures of control on the site. It will also teach participants to communicate effective which will help to ensure that the workplace remains safe for everyone. The SSSTS course will also teach site supervisors to monitor the measures of control and make sure that the work is carried out correctly, following the advice and guides set out in the risk assessments.

Participants will be required to pass a multiple choice question exam which consists of thirty questions and once they complete this exam successfully they will be rewarded with a CITB Site Supervisor Safety Training certificate and a card. This certificate will demonstrate their knowledge of health and safety in the workplace and their ability to provide competent leadership to reduce risks on a construction site.

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