Every business must comply with the regulations in construction regarding health and safety; however issues surrounding health and safety are more prominent in industries such as construction as they pose a greater risk to employees and the general public. This compliance with legal regulations means that businesses can work effectively within the boundaries of the law by offering a safe environment in which their employees can work.

Construction site safety training and schemes are vital in understanding the regulations and legal implications which can affect a business. They offer valuable advice and information regarding how you can improve and maintain levels of safety in your business by reducing risk and creating safe working practices. Offering training to all employees is the best way to manage and regulate levels of health and safety. By ensuring that all members of staff are competent in their duties regarding health and safety, you can work towards creating a site which meets the regulations set out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

There are many construction health and safety courses available which are designed to suit different individuals in a business. Because there is a varied selection of courses available it is important that you understand what each course offers. Therefore you can be sure that you select the right training scheme for yourself and others within the business. Here are several of the most popular courses which should help you to understand what they offer.

NEBOSH Health & Safety Management for Construction Certificate

The NEBOSH Construction Certificate course is a nationally recognised construction industry qualification covering the core health and safety issues involved in the industry and aims to provide attendees with the technical knowledge and the practical skills to manage construction site and workplace hazards. The training course is suitable for:

  • Construction site managers
  • Contracts managers
  • Site workers with health and safety responsibilities
  • Construction health and safety advisors

CITB 1-Day Health and Safety Awareness Course

This health and safety awareness course is provided by the CITB and is designed specifically to train individuals within the construction or engineering industry. The course has been set up to make individuals understand the risks and dangers inherent within the workplace, helping them to understand how they can monitor and maintain levels of health and safety effectively. The course can be completed in a single day which makes it useful for those who have a busy work schedule and this helps to reduce costs and lost time within your business environment.

Those who attend will be educated in the regulations and laws which affect them and their industry and the courses are delivered across the country, throughout the year. It is possible if you have several individuals who wish to attend a health and safety course to save on travel costs by requesting that a tutor delivers the course at your own business premises.

CITB Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme

The SSSTS is a two day course which is designed to train supervisors in legal and health and safety regulations. The course offers information and training on areas such as codes of practice, the legal system and health and safety guidelines.

CITB Site Manager Safety Training Scheme

The SMSTS is a five day course which offers advice and guidance regarding health and safety to managers, business owners and supervisors. Its content covers risk assessments, method statements and CDM.

There are many courses which are designed to educate both employers and employees in how they can contribute to health and safety in their business. By putting your employees forward for a recognised health and safety course you should feel confident that they understand health and safety regulations and the law.

Other Construction Health and Safety Courses

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