If you run a construction business you have a responsibility to manage the health and safety of the site. Your duty is to keep your employees safe and there are a number of ways you can achieve this. First of all it is necessary to put someone in charge that is competent and has had health and safety training and experience. You could decide to go on a course yourself or give the responsibility to one of your key personnel. This person will help to ensure you are doing everything to comply with the law and keep those who work for you safe from accidents and illnesses.

Your Supervisors and Managers Need Training

It’s not only you the owner that has to be concerned with health and safety. This is a team effort and each person that works for you has to understand the important role that they play in ensuring your policies and procedures are followed. In addition to this, all managers and supervisors require training too as they can be held responsible in some cases. You will need to provide them with training or hire people that are already qualified with a recognised certificate or passport to prove they are competent. There are a number of courses that you can send your construction staff on. For your supervisors it is a good idea to sign them up to the CITB SSSTS course. This course lasts for two days and will focus the importance on conducting risk assessments adequately. Managers are more suited for the CITB SMSTS course, which lasts for five days. All managers and supervisors will be informed of the legal responsibilities and learn vital skills to complement your construction firm.

Make Sure Everyone Plays Their Part in the Health and Safety of Your Site

All of the other employees on your site will also need training to some degree. There are some excellent courses such as the ECITB CCNSG Safety Passport. The safety passport is available for different levels of experience. Each of the courses will need renewing before the qualification becomes invalid. Keep a record of these dates so you will be able to enrol your employees on the shorter refresher courses when the time comes, which is usually every three years. Find out more about construction health and safety training by calling us on: 0808 1966 830.

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