The construction industry is full of huge risks that are faced by employees each day. The self-employed, contractors and subcontractors and your workforce all have to be closely managed. Supervisors and managers therefore have to be well aware of legislation and how to reduce risks and that’s why construction site safety training, such as the SSSTS and SMSTS are such popular and necessary courses.

Managing and Reducing Risks

One of the most successful ways of improving safety on site, reducing risks and cutting down on the number of accidents is through learning how to conduct a risk assessment and careful supervision. Managers must ensure that the risk assessments are performed and recorded. It’s essential that the individuals that are performing the job that has been assessed is made aware of the risks and the steps that must be taken to overcome them. Without careful management like this, and close supervision, employees can cut corners that may seem like a good idea at the time until one of them is seriously injured. There are many types of accidents that can be life threatening within the construction industry. Some of the most common include:
  • Falls from height – Poorly constructed scaffolding and a lack of safety measures increase these risks and result in many accidents and deaths that could be avoided.
  • Slips and trips – With many people on site, multiple tools and equipment combined with materials there are trip hazards everywhere. Reducing these risks involves managing a clean site and installing promoting a positive health and safety culture in the workplace.
  • Machinery – Vehicles and machines are often heavy and highly dangerous. All employees using them should know how to operate them safely and how to store them when not in use.
  • Falling materials and crushing – Safety measures can reduce these risks such as using the right type of equipment and wearing appropriate protective clothing.
  • Ladder accidents – Training on ladder usage and how to check ladders suitability for the job can cut back on the number of accidents involving ladders within the industry.
Make sure your managers are well aware of the risks and how to reduce them. Don’t put the lives of your employees at risk!.

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