Many businesses and industries are managed and maintained by safety regulations and laws. These regulations are put into place to ensure that safe business practices are exercised in the bid to reduce risk and danger. The construction industry is one area which contributes greatly to the amount of fatalities and injuries that occur in the UK.

With the great level of danger inherent in the construction industry it is vital that employers implement safety measures and offer adequate training to all their employees to ensure that they can work safely and effectively in a secure environment. Businesses must be aware of the risks that their industry area poses whilst also notifying how they can create and maintain a safe working space. Therefore employers should understand the regulations which are enforced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to ensure that they comply with the relevant health and safety measures needed to reduce risk in their specialist industry.

Offering Training to Promote Safety

Every employer must offer relevant health and safety training to all their employees, whatever their job role, to ensure that they understand and comply with construction health and safety regulations. Managers and supervisors need to be made aware of their legal responsibilities and their moral duties and therefore it is vital that the relevant training is made available to them.

When researching training courses which you can offer to your employees you need to find qualifications which are suitable for each individuals role and which are widely recognised by regulators such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Construction Site Safety Training Courses

There are many different construction site safety training courses available which are designed specifically to suit individual needs and job specifications. Managers can face legal action if they do not possess the correct training and therefore it imperative that they attend and complete a course designed for them. A common course which is designed to educate and train managers regarding health and safety regulations is the CITB SMSTS.

Supervisors also can face legal action if they do not follow regulations and lack the relevant training to deal with health and safety issues. Therefore it is recommended that they attend a course like the CITB SSSTS or the ECITB CCNSG Safety Passport.

Yet it is not just managers and supervisors who are affected by health and safety regulations and legal requirements. All employees must be given some form of training to ensure that they understand how to manage their own work in a safe way. By offering all employees basic health and safety awareness training, a business can feel confident that they are compliant with the health and safety regulations and that their workplace is deemed safe. It is the responsibility of a business owner or employer to ensure that everyone in the business is aware of construction health and safety regulations and that they follow them in their daily work patterns. Failing to provide the correct training will ultimately result in legal action being taken against you by the Health and Safety Executive for breaching regulations.

In construction it is imperative that all employees and employers understand the importance of completing a health and safety course.

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