There is no need to get overwhelmed by the safety and health regulations for construction. It is true that you must comply with these regulations, but there is help at hand. The best way to manage your site health and safety and your business policies is to get training from respected awarding bodies. There are many construction health and safety courses available to business owners, directors, supervisors and managers as well as smaller less intensive courses for general employees and labourers. On these courses you will be given the appropriate level of information that you need to know in order to comply with the law. When it comes to picking a course you do need to make sure it is suitable and that the training you are provided with is put into practice at work.

Some of the Most Popular Courses in Construction Health and Safety

With many courses being offered it is essential that you select the right one for yourself and each of the employees within your company. To help you here are three of the most popular courses to consider:

Directors Role for Health and Safety

The Directors Role for Health and Safety has been designed to give directors and senior managers the skills they need in health and safety. The training focuses on helping each candidate recognise the implications that come with failing to meet the health and safety laws be they financial, economic or human. The training course gives attendees a wealth of knowledge that can be used at senior management level within the construction industry.

Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme

The SSSTS is a two day course for those who are given supervisory roles within the company. The course includes the Health and Safety Regulations, Codes of Practice, Guidance Notes and the health and Safety Acts. The legal system is also covered as well as accident types and risk assessments.

Site Manager Safety Training Scheme

The SMSTS is a course that is designed for managers and supervisors can also take this course as well as business owners. It lasts for five days and course content includes: CDM, method statements, risk assessments and site set ups.

1-Day Health and Safety Awareness

The one day health and safety awareness course provided by the CITB is perfect for anyone who is entering the construction industry as well as the civil engineering industry. It will ensure that individuals are aware of risks and hazards; teaches how they can contribute to the health and safety of the site and covers what is expected of them. The candidates are also made aware of the law. You can find these courses all over the country. They are delivered throughout the year, often at learning centres in towns and cities. If you are an employer and you have several individuals that require training on the same course it is sometimes possible to save money and to request the course is delivered by the tutors on your own premises. Don’t put lives at risk. Learn about the safety and health regulations for construction and provide adequate training for everyone.

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