If you need a nationally recognised health and safety qualification you have many options available to you. There are courses designed for supervisors, health and safety courses for managers and courses for all levels of employees within the construction industry. You will need to be prepared to offer the right training to all of your staff and contractors in order to work towards compliance with the health and safety laws and regulations.

SSSTS and SMSTS Courses for Construction Site Workers

If you have supervisors who have not received adequate training it’s a good idea to enrol them on the SSSTS courses. These last for two days and will give supervisors the knowledge they need to manage the employees under their charge. This qualification lasts for five years when it will need to be renewed. Renewal involves attended and passes a SSSTS Refresher course. Managers will benefit by attending the SMSTS course which is for managers rather than those at a supervisor level. This course is awarded by the CITB, the same awarding body as the SSSTS. The training lasts for five days and the qualification is valid for five years. A SMSTS Refresher course will need to be taken for anyone looking to renew their qualification when the certificate expires.

The CCNSG Safety Passport

CCNSG courses are ideal for all employers and contractors within the engineering and construction industries. The passport shows that candidates have been trained to a standard which is based upon the statutory requirements of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The topics which are covered on the syllabus include:
  • Manual handling Regulations when working with heavy equipment and cranes
  • Safe working practices
  • Health and safety law
  • Work permits
  • First aid and accident procedures
  • Noise procedures
  • Excavations
The candidates are taught the course material over two days and are assessed in an examination. The exam consists of multiple choice questions which need to have a score of 80% or higher in order to be awarded with the CCNSG Safety Passport. Employers will benefit by having contractors and employees who have received health and safety training specifically designed for the construction industry. Find the right course for your employees by calling 0808 1966 830 and talking to our trained team.

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